We shall be selling 12 heifers at the Official Simmental Show & Sale on Saturday 5th May at Worcester market, details of the heifers are as follows;

NAME UK Ear Tag Date of Birth  Sire Dam Polled 
Lopemede Ivanka UK283283403132 22/03/2017 Sneumgaard Imperator Lopemede Damson Y
Lopemede Ibiza UK283283403083 10/03/2017 Klitgardens Emil Lopemede Babette Y
Lopemede Diane 2 UK283283103108 17/03/2017 Hestehaven Ebenhard Lopemede Diane Y
Lopemede Isabela UK283283603190 24/04/2017 Moldau Erasmus Lopemede Vanity  Y
Lopemede Coral 3 UK283283603120 19/03/2017 Klitgardens Emil Lopemede Coral  Y
Lopemede Daphne 5 UK283283703226 04/07/2017 Klitgardens Emil Lopemede Daphne Y
Lopemede Fleur 2 UK283283603176 12/04/2017 Lykke Kejser Lopemede Fleur Y
Lopemede Corn Dolly UK283283503070 01/03/2017 Klitgardens Emil Lopemede Raquel 5 Y
Lopemede Wisteria 6 UK283283503112 17/03/2017 Klitgardens Emil Lopemede Wisteria Y
Lopemede Idele UK283283403090 13/02/2017 Klitgardens Emil Lopemede Idele Y
Lopemede Ida UK283283603169 08/04/2017 Vingegaard Kabull Lopemede Roxy  Y
Lopemede Emerald 3 UK283283303138 23/02/2017 Klitgardens Emil Lopemede Emerald Y

We have a further 36 heifers for sale at our farm. Please see details below;

NAME UK Ear Tag Date of Birth  Sire Dam Polled 
Lopemede Diamond 2 UK283283103073 06/03/2017 Moldau Erasmus Lopemede Diamond Y
Lopemede Damson 4 UK283283203088 12/03/2017 Vingegaard Kabull Lopemede Damson Y
Lopemede Ingrid UK283283303110 17/03/2017 Moldau Erasmus Lopemede Jenny 6 Y
Lopemede Daffodil 3 UK283283603127 21/03/2017 Hestehaven Ebenhard Lopemede Daffodil Y
Lopemede Angie UK283283403139 23/02/2017 Klitgardens Emil Lopemede Angie Y
Lopemede Cute Barbara 5 UK283283503140 24/03/2017 Klitgardens Emil Lopemede Cute Barbara Y
Lopemede Bossy 3 UK283283403146 24/03/2017 Klitgardens Emil Lopemede Bossy Y
Lopemede Italy  UK283283503147 25/03/2017 Hestehaven Ebenhard Lopemede Rendition Y
Lopemede Whisper 4 UK283283203165 05/04/2017 Moldau Erasmus Lopemede Whisper Y
Lopemede Issie UK283283503168 08/04/2017 Lykke Kejser Lopemede Tanya Y
Lopemede Ibis UK283283203172 11/04/2017 Moldau Erasmus Lopemede Raquel 4 Y
Lopemede Indie UK283283303173 12/04/2017 Vingegaard Kabull Lopemede Elf Y
Lopemede Imogene UK283283703177 12/04/2017 Hestehaven Ebenhard Lopemede Ripple Y
Lopemede Azure 6 UK283283603183 17/04/2017 Klitgardens Emil Lopemede Azure Y
Lopemede Isannah UK283283703191 24/04/2017 Hestehaven Ebenhard Lopemede Nancy Georgia Y
Lopemede Ivanna UK283283203193 26/04/2017 Vingegaard Kabull Lopemede Lily Y
Lopemede Geneva 2 UK283283303194 26/04/2017 Kilbride Farm Frontier Lopemede Geneva Y
Lopemede Iolanthe UK283283203200 30/04/2017 Moldau Erasmus Lopemede Babette Y
Lopemede Eliza 3 UK283283303201 30/04/2017 Vingegaard Kabull Lopemede Eliza  Y
Lopemede Godiva 2 UK283283403202 01/05/2017 Kilbride Farm Frontier Lopemede Godiva Y
Lopemede Ismay  UK283283603204 03/05/2017 Klitgardens Emil Lopemede Georgia Y
Lopemede Izzie UK283283293207 10/05/2017 Klitgardens Emil Lopemede Izzie Y
Lopemede Ash 4 UK283283503210 11/05/2017 Hestehaven Ebenhard Lopemede Ash Y
Lopemede Ivy UK283283603211 13/05/2017 Kilbride Farm Frontier Lopemede Vera 4 Y
Lopemede Gemma 2 UK283283303215 28/05/2017 Kilbride Farm Frontier Lopemede Gemma Y
Lopemede Fruity 2 UK283283503217 31/05/2017 Lykke Kejser Lopemede Fruity Y
Lopemede Favorite 2 UK283283603218 03/06/2017 Lykke Kejser Lopemede Favorite Y
Lopemede Faye 2 UK283283203221 23/06/2017 Lykke Kejser Lopemede Faye Y
Lopemede Idell UK283283303222 24/06/2017 Lykke Kejser Lopemede Venus Y
Lopemde Bambi 2 UK283283403223 26/06/2017 Klitgardens Emil Lopemede Bambi Y
Lopemede Ginny 2 UK283283603225 01/07/2017 Kilbride Farm Frontier Lopemede Ginny Y
Lopemede India UK283283103227 04/07/2017 Moldau Erasmus Lopemede Amy 2 Y
Lopemede Inira UK283283203228 06/07/2017 Moldau Erasmus Lopemede Virtue Y
Lopemede Indy  UK283283403230 07/07/2017 Vingegaard Kabull Lopemede Anna 4 Y
Lopemde Iran UK283283503231 12/07/2017 Vingegaard Kabull Lopemede Charm 2 Y
Lopemede Indonesia UK283283203235 25/07/2017 Lykke Kejser Lopemede Acorn 4 Y